Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen started in the online marketing industry back in 1998 as an advertiser for TelePassport and later became a project manager for their online consumer portal Super24.dk in Denmark.

Following that he was part of building up the Scandinavian affiliate network Brand2Brand.com in Vejle, Denmark, which later got acquired by GuavaMedia and was listed on the stock exchange in Denmark.

After a year off to take a full-time MBA at Copenhagen Business School in 2006, he rejoined the company and shortly after became Business Development Director for the affiliate marketing division and was part of developing it into the largest affiliate network in Scandinavia to date.

GoSocial was founded

In 2008, as Facebook was starting to become very popular Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen started GoSocial ApS in Denmark in the basement of his villa together with a colleague from GuavaMedia, which years later was bought out of the company. The purpose of the company was to focus on social media advertising on a pure performance model, rather than consulting about it. After 11 months and working long hours besides his full-time job, he realized the potential of the GoSocial business concept and quit his day job and decided to work on GoSocial full-time.

From 2009 and the following 4-5 years GoSocial was the largest advertising partner with Facebook in Europe measured on advertising spend.

In 2011 a joint venture was made with a local partner to offer GoSocial´s services in Mexico and GoSocial Mexico S. De R.L de CV was created. The shares in the company was sold to the local partner at the end of 2017.

TradeTracker was founded and sold

Later in 2011, GoSocial acquired the license for the affiliate network software of TradeTracker.com in Denmark and built the company with two partners until it was sold to TradeTracker International two years later.

GoSocial moved to Switzerland in 2012

In March 2012 Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen and his family moved to Switzerland. Shortly after, GoSocial GmbH was founded in Switzerland as an international online media agency.

Our own software development company, e-mail platform and booking portal in Thailand

Shortly after, GoSocial acquired DecSoft SRL in Romania and renamed it to GoSocial Development SRL. Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen had been working closely with the company since 2004 and it was a natural development of a close business relationship between the companies. Today, the company has 30 full-time and more than 20 part-time employees and clients in the affiliate marketing industry from all over the World.

In 2013 GoSocial created a property investment company in Thailand with a Danish partner living there. The investment company now owns 50% of more than 60 fully paid condominiums and exclusively owns two luxury villas as well as the booking agency SunnyThailand.com.

GoSocial acquired the e-mail platform PARProgram.com from Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker in November 2015. It has since been developed for internal use with the purpose of split-testing marketing funnel and implementing artificial intelligence (AI).

GoSocial Affiliate was established in 2013

The GoSocial Affiliate Network was started in April 2013 by Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen, Drew Clement, Dave Huegle and Chase Croft. All long-time industry veterans in the affiliate marketing industry and with an extensive industry network.

The network only worked with super affiliates and paid out more than $200 million in commission without ever missing a payment to anyone. After being owed millions of dollars from advertisers that couldn’t pay us, we decided to completely stop working with external advertisers at the end of 2017.

Today, we leverage our many business and personal relationships to promote our own campaigns and offers directly to the partners that can bring long-term success with us.

Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen is still the CEO of GoSocial GmbH and continue to be the only shareholder of the company.